In early 2005 I took the decision to give up my job as an Internal Marketing Communications Executive in order to start my own local community magazine, The Edenbridge Directory, in the Kent town of Edenbridge.  Almost everyone I knew said I was crazy to give up a great career but I just knew I could make it work. Just over a year later and after receiving a dozen letters from residents in Crowborough asking to have their own version of the magazine, The Crowborough Directory was launched.

It has been through the regular contact with my advertising clients that I started to offer marketing services to local businesses who require help with their marketing but cannot afford to take on a full-time marketing person. My strapline is ‘I keep marketing simple’ – and I do. It’s the simple things that are often the most effective. If I can add some humour as well then I will as to make someone smile is to give them more reason to remember you.

My career has been varied since leaving college. Prior to beginning my marketing career in the travel industry before moving to the corporate world, I worked in the TV and music industries. Nothing has given me as much pleasure as editing and publishing my own magazines and helping local businesses grow. I have met so many interesting and inspirational people since I became self-employed and I love to see the difference I can make to local businesses and the community. It is extremely rewarding and every day I wake up ready to inspire and enthuse people all over again. Some people describe me as a ‘bundle of energy’.

You can also listen to me each week when I present The Community Show on Channel Radio every Thursday between 10am and 11am.  I also co-present The Women In Business Radio Show every Thursday from 11am to 12noon.

Remember, life is only as big as you dream it – so dream BIG!!!